Water Safety and Management Plans at Your Fingertips

LegiDoc by Special Pathogens Laboratory

LegiDoc® makes it easy to develop water
safety and management plans.
Just enter your data and LegiDoc does the rest!

  • Fast, easy, and affordable
  • ASHRAE 188 and CMS compliant
  • No Legionella or ASHRAE expertise required
  • Backed by Special Pathogens Laboratory


Enter data step by step. 


Collaborate with your team


Add your company's logo  


Upload process flow diagrams


Catch missing data


Change your plan any time 

Backed by Special
Pathogens Laboratory

Special Pathogens Laboratory's mission is to end Legionnaires’ disease.

That’s why, we put our groundbreaking research and unparalleled expertise in

Legionella detection, control, and prevention into LegiDoc.

You can rely on our evidence-based plan to protect your occupants from the risk of

Legionella and other waterborne pathogens in your building.  


Ideal for small organizations and simple water systems. 


annual renewal

  • No Legionella expertise required
  • 80% of the plan written by The Legionella Experts
  • Brand with your logo
  • 3 free additional users

Seven-Day Free Trial

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  • 7-Day free trial
  • Free Email support for all plans

Legionella Support Services For Any Plan

  • LegiDoc Plan Review ($95)
  • Legionella Consultation

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